Traditional Chinese Herbs and Vitamins

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is characterized by the wide use of herbal formulae, when using the  herbal formulae it restores the whole-body balance in patients.  The formulae is usually composed of two or more medicinal herbs.   The efficacy of combinations of herbs (or ingredients) is greater than the summed responses of each individual herb or ingredient.  As well as the strength of the herbs used in the formulae.

Our clinic offers Decoction of raw Chinese herb for internal and external use, concentrated Chinese herbal tea and pill. Decoction is a method of  extraction by boiling the herbal or plant material, which may include seeds,  branches, flowers, fruits, roots, bark and rhizomes.  Oriental Medical Clinic offers the plant base diet suggestion with or without Chinese herb.

We offer a comprehensive nutritional support product, which includes the Isotonix© line.  Isotonix’s supplements help to speed up patient body’s healing process.   Most conditions are improved with the combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbal formulae, effective nutrition support, and diet modification.

“Custom Your health option” means to have a strong immune system, superior cognitive function, healthy cardiovascular systems, and take control of your health with our scientifically supported nutrition supplements and traditional Chinese healing arts.  

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