Low back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, Myofascial pain are common. Although mortality from these conditions is generally low, they have a major effect on disability, and patient quality of life, Acupuncture and Electrical Acupuncture are commonly used for pain relief.

Acupuncture treatment is based on the theory that remove from ‘imbalances in Qi flow’; There are fourteen meridians on the body through which Qi or life energy flows.  These are major pathways, which connect internal organs and traverse outward to link with the extremities, which lay on the exterior of the body.  If there is any blockage of the Qi, then there will be a health issue; pain or a lack of well-being.  Acupuncture has the capability of balancing and moving this energy flow so the organs and body systems can work together.  This harmony then provides a basis for the body to heal itself and maintain its own good health

Acupuncture needles are inserted at specific points on the body to balances our body energy (the balance of the body is important).  The incidences of side effects with acupuncture are lower than that with opioid analgesics and anti-inflammatory (Modern drugs can have side effects).

The IL-2 is considered as a very important signal for regulating immune response, clinic trail shows that the IL-2 level in patients were obviously lower, and after electrical acupuncture treatment, the iL-2 level of patient were increased.

Acupuncture for treatment of low back pain for age range: 28–60, has reported modest improvement in pain intensity and function compared to usual care, in pregnant women using auricular acupuncture (1).

The existing evidence suggests that most acupuncture therapies, including acupuncture combined with other therapies, are effective in decreasing pain and in improving physical function (2).

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